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  • Vapor Grown Graphene
  • One-step plasma-arc vapor synthesized graphene
    nanosheets possess high purity, large crystallite domains, high electrical conductivity.
  • Ceramic Nanopowders
  • Vapor synthesized nitride and carbide nano-powders with high purity, small particle size distribution, and high specific surface area.

  • Graphene Oxide
  • Graphene-polymer composites, Sensors, Drug-delivery, Electronical gas sensor, ...
  • Zeolite Colloids
  • Zeolites are a class of crystalline aluminosilicate materials with ordered micropores smaller than 2nm. Zeolite nanoparticles for gas separation, catalysis, and adsorption.
  • Graphene Composites
  • Electromagnetic wave absorption materials, Electro-magnetic device, Transmission Electron Microscopy imaging standard, fuel cells, CH4 gas sensor...
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