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• Nano-zirconium carbide powder has high purity, small particle size distribution, high specific surface area.
• High temperature oxidation resistance, high strength and hardness, good thermal conductivity and roughness. Important structural material.
• High absorption of visible light, reflectance of infrared light, and good energy storage.

• Color: Black
• Purity: >99.0%
• Average Particle Size: 20 nm
• Crystal Phase: Hexagonal
• Specific Surface Area: 11 m2/g
• Zeta Potential: -23.8 mV
• Loose Loading Density: 0.08 g/cm3
Catalog No.SizeAmount1Price($) 
ZrC-20-000520 nm5 g62.00
ZrC-20-002520 nm25 g122.00
ZrC-20-010020 nm100 g217.00
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